About Us

Private Candlelight Dinner gives a warm, soft light, which makes everything look more pleasant particularly your dinner partner. unable to spend quality time with the special someone in your life. Well, you can definitely plan for a temporary break from your busy schedule. our dinner program is a very important part of romance and expressing love. Friends Factory Cafe Here to set up a dinner for your love in the simplest way, We Definitely Help you to Tune, bonding, and giving your partner the best experience that they can't even dream about.

Why Friends Factory Cafe for Private Candle Light Dinner ?

  • 1st of all, Friends Factory Cafe Have experience of all most 5 years for Arrangements of Candle dinner Love Couples
  • We know perfectly what need for a romantic dinner
  • Cafe is Privately Book for two of you only
  • Before Entering place couple will find a Couple name on Welcome Standy this bring Smile on Face
  • Some open Door for you
  • If you can somehow pull this off, the smile on your partner’s face when he sees all the “arrangements” that you have made for him, will be priceless! be priceless!
  • There are Lots of candles & lots of Real flower petals
  • Set up your Seating place you will again have your small sweet nameplate on your Table so this will make you feel this is special arrangements have done to make you feel special
  • We have a special collection to Set the mood with soft and romantic melodious music playing in the background
  • It's all about having dinner with a partner, all dishes are Specially Designed for you
  • the presentation of food dishes, this test, serves your best dinner, you will not get at any other place
  • Don’t forget the desert.
  • Plate to spread Greenery
  • Love Sign with Couple name on Wood Plate
  • In all, Friends factory cafe's special is a decoration for you.
  • One of the decorations is especially based on only lots of Flower design which is never repeated design, by flowers & Candle

Candlelight dinner Ideas in a Tent

  • The best advantage of a tent is it gives your natural coziness. Set up your dinner inside the time to make it romantic you can give some special lighting and candles.
  • The setup of lighting candles and lamps makes the mood of your partner he or she will love this idea.
  • Hanging Just a most Beautiful Decoration Concept!! And when you add lights & Candles to them it's just Magic to create reflection imagine!! Make event great event

How we arrange candlelight dinner & lunch for you?

  • To Get out of Busy Days
  • Give the best surprise to your partner
  • Set up dinner set up for marriage Proposal
  • set up a soft dinner set saying "Sorry" To partner
  • Give Surprise for Parents on 25th anniversary
  • Set up Most decoration Candlelight set for "Pre-Wedding Shoot"
  • Have Dinner or Lunch on Some Good news like to be parents
  • Dinner at Engagement Night
  • and many more